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Solving Criminal Defense Cases for Over 35 Years

Since 1985, I’ve successfully handled all types of defense cases in the Sierra Foothills, El Dorado County, Placer County, Alpine County, Sacramento County, Amador County and many others across Northern California. No matter what kind of trouble you’ve found yourself in, it’s important that you understand your rights and options. Knowledge and experienced representation gives you more power and less fear.

We take your problems and your liberty very seriously and we know how to put you in the best position possible. Give me a call to discuss your case so that we can find the best solution for you.

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Criminal Defense Law Firm

No matter what kind of situation you’re dealing with, you deserve to understand your rights and options and to be represented by a criminal defense attorney who works tirelessly to find the best solution for you. Being in practice for over 35 years, I’ve gained an immense amount of experience defending clients in a very broad range of criminal allegations. You are not alone. Contact me today for a free consultation.

criminal defense
Man arrested for DUIMan arrested for DUI

DUI Defense Lawyer

If you’ve gotten into a DUI situation, you always have options. DUI charges come with a lot of serious consequences such as termination of employment, potential jail time, fines, and license suspensions, to name a few. I will work with you to see how we can best navigate this situation and which punishments we can possibly avoid. Contact me for advice regarding your case. 

DUI Defense
Police car at domestic violence call

Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence cases are complex, and when law enforcement gets involved, the stakes are high. You deserve an attorney who can navigate you through the situation in the most respectful and strategic way possible. In order to avoid jail time, it’s crucial to work with a domestic violence attorney with years of experience handling these types of allegations. Contact me for help through these troubling times.

Domestic Violence Defense

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Woman protecting her child from CPS

Child Dependency / CPS

When Child Protective Services comes to talk about the possibility of removing children from their home, or what needs to be done to perhaps avoid detaining children, you need expert legal advice. Sometimes I represent grandparents or foster parents as they protect children. In some cases, a county has violated important constitutional rights and needs to be held accountable. Early action can be very important in these cases, so don’t delay contacting me.

Child Dependency
Juvenile needing criminal defense

Juvenile Criminal Defense

When it comes to juvenile criminal cases, getting a criminal defense attorney involved early can sometimes significantly impact the course of prosecution, even to the extent of avoiding charges altogether. A criminal conviction can sometimes impact a child’s life into adulthood. Call for a juvenile law consultation regarding your child’s situation. We can help ensure your child isn’t wrongfully convicted as an adult.

juvenile Criminal defense

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